Past Events

Below is a cumulative list of our past events since 2018. The Chapter is grateful for all of the contributions of these wonderful speakers.

March 19, 2018Current Scandals and the Slippery Slope: Ongoing Challenges in Business EthicsDr. Jill Brown
June 13, 2018Panel: Cybersecurity Risks, Frauds & Intrusions Linn Freedman
Adam Crevadi
Captain John Alfred
September 21, 2018Is the Rate of Organizational Change Increasing Your Firm’s Fraud Risk?Ann Butera
December 10, 2018Using Data Analytics to Detect Fraud & ISO 37001: 2016 Anti-Bribery Management SystemsKimberly Silva, CFE
March 25, 2019The Current State of Fraud, Financial Crimes, and
Cyber Criminal Activity in the US & Combating Financial and Cybercrime in a Post-EMV World
Det. Mark Solomon
June 13, 2019Mortgage Fraud & Internet and Other ScamsJared Wilbur, CFE
September 20, 2019Behavior Symptom Analysis, Behavioral Analysis Interview,
and Reid Nine Steps of Interrogation
Joseph P. Buckley III
November 15, 2019Fraud Hotlines: Design, Performance & Assessment
Do Ethics Hotlines Discourage Tipsters?
Dr. Chelsea Binns, CFE
March 13, 2020The Nuts and Bolts of Fraud & Financial Crimes
What is Fraud?
Phil Benvenuti, CFE
Evan Lemoine, CFE
September 20, 2020Lessons from an $8.5 Million FraudNathan Mueller
October 13, 2020Emergency Financial Recovery (FEMA, CARES Act) Process
and The Role of Forensic Accountants;
Ernst & Young Global Integrity Report 2020:
Is this the moment of truth for corporate integrity?
Eugene Krones
Kate Watt
Gildas Durand
Valentina Lopez
November 13, 2020Global Fraud Studies in a Pandemic
Corruption in Latin America: Opportunities, Challenges & Risks

The Business TSA: A Case for Knowing Your Vendor
Financial Crimes Through the Years – Trends & Lessons Learned

Bruce Dorris, CFE
Alberto Orozco
Jose Tanguma
Viri Foster
Joseph Palmar
Peter Grupe

December 3, 2020The Brendan Dassey Confession: Lessons for Interviewers
The HealthSouth Financial Statement Fraud:
How It Went So Wrong
Michael Bret Hood
March 17, 2021Auditing Social Media:
Helping the Organization Control the Conversation
Mike Jacka
March 19, 2021Managing and Motivating Your Audit TeamMike Jacka
March 24, 2021What’s Your EQ?  Why Internal Auditors Should Care Mike Jacka
March 26, 2021Rats in a Maze: A Behavioral Perspective on Ethics for AuditorsMike Jacka
Bryant Richards
June 4, 2021Open Source Intelligence for Tactical InvestigationsMichele Stuart
September 9, 2021Concerns with Business Continuity, Remote Work, and Internal ControlsAnne M. Layne
September 9, 2021Fraud Prevention Strategies:  Beyond Internal ControlsJanet M. McHard
September 10, 2021History of Fraud During CrisisAnne M. Layne
September 10, 2021Challenge of Proving Intent: Dumb or Diabolical AccountingJanet M. McHard
November 4, 2021How We Took Down Pablo Escoba

Advanced Money Laundering
Stephen Murphy
Javier Pena
Michael Bret Hood

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