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Fraud Talk: Military Veterans’ Experiences and Skills Brought to the Anti-Fraud Table

In Episode 125 of Fraud Talk, ACFE Training Director Jason Zirkle, CFE, is joined by military veterans from around the world to share their backgrounds and how their experiences have aided them in their roles as CFEs and anti-fraud professionals. Collins Wanderi, CFE, Bill Stakes, CFE, and Monica Meeks, CFE, discuss the tools they’ve gained and advice they offer to veterans and active-duty military members looking to earn their CFE credential.

Jason: Yes. All right. As we wrap it up, I have one question for each of you and that is based on just your whole background being in the military, becoming a CFE, if you could give advice to anyone in the military or really just anyone thinking of pursuing a career as a CFE, what would that advice be? I’m going to start with Monica.

Monica: Great question. For me, it would be, be proud of your service. Less than 1% serves in the military. I wear my CFE pin proudly. I also wear my soldier for life pin proudly. Be very, very proud of your service because when you’re out and you’re interviewing, having conversations with people, we have a way of establishing rapport as veterans. I feel just as comfortable in Memphis, Tennessee as I do Oak Ridge, Tennessee. I don’t know any strangers. I think that all comes from the diversity of the military and serving alongside my brothers and sisters no matter where they’re from, we’re able to establish commonality and focus on what we agree on versus what we disagree on.

Download the transcript SOURCE: ACFE Insights – A Publication of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

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