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10 Fraud-Related Podcasts Full of Drama, Humor and Professional Lessons


Hallie Ayres
Contributing Writer

Have you been searching for that perfect soundtrack for your daily commute? Or for those who are working from home, are you in need of a tale full of twists and turns to liven up your afternoon walk around the block? Luckily, there are plenty of fraud-related podcasts available that fit the bill. We’ve compiled a list of 10 fraud-related podcasts that will have you laughing and learning the whole way through.

1. Death in Cryptoland

Takara Small hosts this in-depth analysis into the mysterious death of Gerald Cotten, the 30-year-old CEO of Canada’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. Cotten’s death — said to have occurred under unusual circumstances while honeymooning in India in 2018 — precipitated the disappearance of nearly $250 million and the proliferation of conspiracy theories trying to make sense of his mysterious past. Good news for curious ACFE listeners: Takara Small will be speaking at the upcoming Fraud Conference Canada, as well as at the 2022 Women’s Summit!

2. Scam Goddess

Comedian Laci Mosley investigates the hottest scams in current events alongside a different guest each week. Tackling topics that range from NFTs to a for-hire hitman, Mosley transforms each swindle and hoodwink into an opportunity to improve listeners’ street smarts when it comes to fraud.

3. Swindled

Swindled reports on white-collar crime and nefarious corporate bad actors. Hosted by an anonymous “concerned citizen” and guided by a philosophy to never trust anyone, “Swindled” keeps listeners coming back for more, even if it’s just to fuel the level of rage directed toward embezzlement and corruption that keeps the anti-fraud profession suffused with productive passion.

4. Chameleon: High Rollers

Set in Las Vegas, “Chameleon: High Rollers” tells the tale of a two-year-long FBI sting that completely failed, ending with no convictions. Through host Trevor Aaronson’s investigations, the podcast traces this nebulous history in which every character’s true identity is far from who or what they claim to be.

5. The Dream

In “The Dream,” hosts Jane Marie and Dann Gallucci attempt to do the unthinkable: expose the farces at the core of some of the largest industries today. In season one, they dive into multilevel marketing (MLM), a business strategy that more often than not enters into the territory of a pyramid scheme. The recently released season two takes on the $4 trillion wellness industry, debunking pseudoscience scams that have millions of people hooked all over the world.

6. The Perfect Scam

Produced by the AARP, “The Perfect Scam’s” mission is fraud prevention, through and through. Host Bob Sullivan employs interviews with victims of scams, as well as former scammers, to illustrate the intricacies of how con artists set their traps and what can be done to avoid them.

7. American Greed

“American Greed” exposes the twisted tales of what happens when the American Dream gets tainted by ulterior motives. In each episode, host Stacy Keach presents tales of lies and deceit told by people seeking fame and fortune, without any mind to the potential consequences.

8. The Dropout

While Elizabeth Holmes is practically a household name now, “The Dropout” tactfully avoids all the mythologizing that has gone into the history of the sham company Theranos. The podcast clearly presents the facts and illogic that led to one of the most talked-about scams within recent history.

9. Bed of Lies

What happens when law enforcement officers are encouraged to engage in one of the largest fraud scandals in England’s history? Produced by The Telegraph, “Bed of Lies” explores a gripping and devastating tale of identity theft perpetrated by the British government’s use of “spy cops” who took their assignments to inhumane degrees.

10. Fraud Talk

Last but certainly not least, the ACFE’s own podcast, Fraud Talk, releases monthly episodes that delve into all the latest fraud cases. Featured guests include industry insiders who provide listeners with the tools to remain vigilant in the fight against fraud.

You can find Fraud Talk and all the other shows listed here wherever you listen to podcasts. Happy listening, fraud fighters!

SOURCE: ACFE Insights – A Publication of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

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