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Member Spotlight: Kathie M. Corrigan

Kathie M. Corrigan, Vice President Internal Audit at Pawtucket Credit Union has been an RICFE member for ten years.

Position Description:

In charge of the Internal Audit department, I conduct or assist in the financial and operational audits of all areas of the Credit Union, evaluate internal controls, and identify risks with recommendations for improving controls. I also play an important role in fraud detection, prevention, and mitigation.

What a typical day is like in this position:

Always full of action and never boring!

Best part of my job:      One of the best parts of the job is when we can help departments with process improvements. It shows them we are not only there to find something they did “wrong” but that we are also here to help. Also, I absolutely love following the “trail”, forensic accounting is by far my outright favorite.

Prior positions: I started in the banking business in 1994 as a teller at New Bedford Institution for Savings, who was acquired by Fleet Bank, who was acquired by Sovereign Bank. I came to Pawtucket Credit Union in 2001 working on the retail side of banking until 2002 when I became the Assistant Accounting Manager. I transferred to Internal Audit in 2005.

Why being a RICFE member has been important to me:  The local connections and networking are the most important.

I’m most proud of: My two children Tiffanie and Ethan.

Most people probably don’t realize:   I love to exercise. Crossfit and running are my favorite. I plan to run in the 2018 New York City Marathon.

Hobbies:  I know this probably sounds crazy to a lot of people, but I consider working out on a regular basis as one of my favorite hobbies.

Last book(s) I read: “It Starts With Food”

Favorite foods: I love real food, nothing processed or boxed. It’s amazing how wonderful locally sourced food can taste on its own. When I read labels and can’t pronounce an ingredient, it goes back on the shelf!

Favorite restaurant: The Vanilla Bean Café in Pomfret Connecticut

Pet: My adorable English Setter Maggie-Mae

Pet peeves: When you are talking to someone and they are obviously NOT listening to you.

What I would do with a surprise afternoon off: Hopefully the weather is nice because I would head to the beach.

Thank you, Kathie, for participating in the ACFE RI Member Spotlight!

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