Spotlight: Hilary Sanders

Student member Hilary Sanders joined RICFE in September of 2016.

Why is being a RICFE member has been important to you?   I will be new to the field of accounting and I have been trying to find where I would like to go with my degree in the field. The RICFE has helped me realize that fraud examination is the way I’d like to go with my career. I attended a RICFE conference per a invite from one of my teachers and became completely excited about what the field has to offer me.

What is your school and major?  I attended Johnson & Wales University.  My major was Accounting with a concentration in fraud examination. In February, I finished all my courses and have received my Bachelors Degree.  I have been accepted to Johnson & Wales University Graduate school to receive my Masters degree. I will be studying Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting.


Company and Position: Brown University, Financial Services Coordinator- Gift Processor

Position Description: I work in the Cashier Department at Brown University processing all funds received to Brown University departments and students.

Best part of my job: The best part of my job is the interactions I have with different types of people from all around the world.

First job: At a nursing home in East Providence helping the office workers.

What is a typical day is like in the life of a half time student working full-time?  My days while working and attending school are long but fulfilling. On a daily basis I’m solving puzzles that can have many different pieces. Money received by my department may not always be identifiable or claimed, so a lot of research is needed to assure funds are applied correctly and in a timely manner. I leave work at 5:00 pm 2 to 3 days a week and head to class for 6:00 pm. My class hours are from 6:00 to 9:30 pm. After I leave class, I then go home to my sixteen year old son. I see how my son’s day went, tend to his needs as a parent, check his school work and then finally it’s bed time. The nights I don’t have school, I usually spend studying or doing homework.

It’s a good day when: I wake up healthy and happy.

I’m most proud of: Accomplishing my education goals is what I am most proud of because it is the best example I could ever set for my son to have a successful life.

Ambition and goals: I hope to receive my Masters degree in the next 2 years and with in the next 5 years take the CFE and CPA exams.

Most people probably don’t realize: That if you ask for help someone will help you.

Hobbies: I enjoy traveling, seeing movies, reading and dining out.

Last book I read: Hidden Figures

Favorite foods: Ice cream, french fries and pizza

Favorite restaurant: I don’t have a favorite just love good food

Pet peeves: People who complain without a resolution

What I would do with a surprise afternoon off: Take my Grandmother to lunch.

Thank you, Hilary, for participating in the ACFE RI Member Spotlight!