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Spotlight: Vanessa Pereira


Name: Vanessa Pereira

Company and Position: Senior Assistant Accountant at Piccerelli, Gilstein & Co., LLP

Position Description: Working with colleagues and clients in connection with providing tax assistance for the preparation of tax workpapers and tax returns. This includes providing guidance on tax treatment of items as they arise.

What a typical day is like in this position: Since I am always working on something different almost every day, there is nothing really “typical.” But, I am usually preparing tax work papers and returns (various types), discussing questions/concerns with my colleagues/clients, and trying to make people laugh throughout the day.

What I am working on now: The preparation of 990s, cleaning up a client’s books and records, setting up CPE trainings, and getting ready for the upcoming tax season. I have also been assigned the responsibility to guide younger staff on the preparation of engagement letters.

Best part of my job: The people that I work with, being able to help clients with accounting matters, and how every engagement is different.

Prior positions: Bookkeeper for a local bakery and a college student.

How many years I have been a RICFE member: Less than one year. I just recently joined.

Why being a RICFE member has been important to me: I was always interested in fraud accounting. I am looking forward to learning more about it and meeting new people.

It’s a good day when: I receive a compliment on my work from my colleagues or from a client.

First job: Counter attendant at a local bakery.

I’m most proud of: All that I have been able to accomplish while working full time/ part time, getting myself through school, and getting a full time accounting position right out of school.

Ambition and/or goals: Becoming a CPA and a CFE.

Most people probably don’t realize: I enjoy playing board games and love to laugh/ make people laugh.

Hobbies: Arts and crafts, running, and spending time with my family.

Favorite movie: The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks.

Favorite foods: French fries, shrimp, and chicken.

Favorite restaurant: The Olive Garden

Pet(s): None at the moment. But, I’m looking forward to getting a dog soon.

Pet peeves: Paper cuts and sitting in traffic.

What I would do with a surprise afternoon off: Since I am concentrating on passing the CPA exam, I would study. If I was not currently studying, I would be at the beach (Spring/Summer) or I would catch up on some movies (Fall/Winter)!

Any other information you want to share: When I started college, I was majoring in Sonography/Radiology. After my sophomore year, I decided that I was going to try accounting since I liked working with numbers. I’m so glad I did because I ended up loving it!

Thank you, Vanessa, for participating in the ACFE RI Member Spotlight!

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