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Spotlight: Laina M. Borowski

Spotlight: Laina M. Borowski
Laina Borowski
Laina M. Borowski, CFE, CMI

Name:  Laina M. Borowski

Company and Position:  Manager at Ernst & Young LLP

Position Description:  I’m a manager in the Indirect Tax Practice, specializing in Property Tax.  As the engagement manager for several large clients, I’m responsible for ensuring that approximately 13,000 business personal property returns are timely filed each year.  Additionally, I’m responsible for ensuring that approximately 7,000 tax bills are paid timely each year.  Filing tax appeals and facilitating the many audit requests we receive are also part of my responsibilities.

What a typical day is like in this position:  Busy, busy, busy!  While I travel frequently to the Charlotte, NC and Atlanta, GA offices, I’m actually a teleworker.  When at my home office in RI, I’m on the phone about 75% of the day assisting clients, colleagues, or members of the firm’s leadership team with questions and/or special projects.

What I am working on now:  Reviewing returns and tax bills due for the next filing/payment deadline

Best part of my job: The opportunity to motivate, train, and mentor my team and colleagues

Prior positions:  Senior accountant at KPMG LLP and Bank of America where I specialized in non-profit compliance

How many years I have been a RICFE member:  About 10 years

Why being a RICFE member has been important to me:  Enjoy meeting new people at the various events

It’s a good day when:  The client is happy and all deadlines are met!

First job:  Mutual Fund Accountant at State Street Bank in Quincy, MA

I’m most proud of:  My 2 beautiful godchildren.  Olivia is 8 and Evan is 3.

Hobbies:  Snowmobiling, reading (when I have the time), and spending time with Olivia and Evan

Favorite movie:  Top Gun and Sixteen Candles

Last book(s) I read:  Chocolate for Breakfast series by Martha Reynolds

Favorite foods: Seafood and Pizza

Favorite restaurant: I have two….Pat’s Italian Restaurant and Bon Asian Bistro

Pet(s): A puggle (part Pug and part Beagle) named Belle.  She’s not named after Princess Belle either.  She’s actually named after Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick!

Pet peeves:  Being late!

What I would do with a surprise afternoon off:  Head to the beach and relax by the water

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