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Excellence Award Nominations Now Being Accepted

Message from RICFE President

Laura Da Fonseca, CFE, CPA, CFF, CDFA, MST

In September, we will host our Annual ACFE RI Excellence Awards, including a full day of training and CPE. At this event, we will present our annual scholarship award, honor newly minted CFEs and present our annual Excellence Award. I’m sure you’ll want to be in attendance for this very special event. An email invitation with additional details will be sent to you in August.

If you were in attendance for last year’s event, I am sure you remember how honored Katie Davis and Parker Gavigan were to be recognized for their contributions to the anti‐fraud field. We cannot select our 2016 RI ACFE Excellence Award Recipient(s) without your input. This Chapter is fortunate to have over 100 participants from many diverse backgrounds. With this in mind, we’re asking you to nominate an individual or individuals you believe to be deserving of this award. Your nominee may have:

  1. played a significant role in the prevention, detection, or investigation of fraud;
  2. made a substantial recovery or savings due to his or her role in a fraud examination;
  3. contributed significantly to the discipline of fraud examination;
  4. developed innovative techniques in the white‐collar crime field;
  5. submitted legislation to detect and prevent fraud; or
  6. educated others in the field of fraud examination, etc.

Your nominee may come from the private sector, the public sector, or any field of expertise, and need not be a chapter member. Please use this nominating application form (make copies if necessary) to submit your nomination. DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS IS AUGUST 1, 2016.

In order to preserve the integrity of the nominations, the individual submitting the nomination will not be disclosed to the other board members. You may submit more than one nomination and individuals nominated previously are eligible for nomination again. Also, you may self‐nominate. The Board will consider all nominations.

We look forward to hearing from you, and especially to seeing you in September!

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